When to Start

The Earlier the Better

Sometimes you don’t realize your motivation for something better until you’re much older and wiser. For me it came in my mid 20’s, I would still label myself as an “early earner”. There is no right or wrong age, place, or time to make the decision to earn the life that you want. Whatever you do, don’t wait any longer! Gather your friends and family and tell them your ideas. Involve as many people that care about you as you possibly can that can hold you accountable. They will be or motivators when the earning gets tough. Many times they are the people that you want to make your life better for and include them in all of your successes. The time to start is now and begin making a contribution to your personal life and society.

What Age Is Most Successful?

You can easily search the Internet for young entrepreneurs that have created successful business empires before they were even lawfully able to consume alcohol. If you want inspiration for yourself or even your children I find it amazing to read about such successes. Not just monetary success but the accomplishment of starting a business and learning how to work with people of all ages. On the opposite end of the spectrum may be you are into full-blown retirement. You want to earn the respect that you once had from your peers and family. That is not a monetary goal but a feel-good goal.

I’m Broke and On a Bad Luck Streak

Though I do believe there is such thing as luck you can’t let it go to your head. If you want to earn something you have to put your mind and body into action. If you feel your broke and I bad luck streak you need to be even more serious about your capabilities. Set attainable goals, baby steps towards larger ones. If you are two months behind in your mortgage payments and your goal is to take an international vacation at the end of the year you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak. Review your decisions and take care of your responsibilities. To earn that vacation and to enjoy it you don’t want to be thinking about all the bills you haven’t paid. Yes, it might be the life that you want but in the end you will not be happy with your choices.  At some point you will have to own up to the consequences and you’ll learn that you’re back at square one at trying to earn the life you want.